Young deer savaged by out of control pet dog off its lead in horror attack

An out of control pet dog attacked a deer in a “disgusting” attack before having to be pulled away by its owner.

Wildlife photographer David Luetchford said he witnessed the black and white Pointer dog’s “sickening” attack on a young roebuck on Thursday.

The 69-year-old captured the incident while waiting to photograph owls in Titchfield Canal, Hampshire.

The retired advertising director, from Southampton shared the distressing set of images that show the deer trying to escape the dog’s attack.

David said: “All of sudden we looked round and saw this black and white Pointer dog, effectively attacking this young roebuck.

“The dog had corners it up a fence, the deer try tied to get away, the dog was biting the deer’s legs.

“I’ve been on African safaris and I’ve seen it all, but this was not acceptable to watch a domestic dog attack a deer in the British countryside. “It was one of the worst things I’ve seen happen by a dog.”

David says the dog was ‘utterly out of control.”

He added: “I tried to distract the dog by shouting but it didn’t make a difference.

“The deer managed to get away but it was injured and couldn’t jump over the second fence.

“It ran but the dog chased it.”

David claims the owner appeared after approximately five minutes and had to pull the dog away.

He adds: “I needed to know if the deer was still alive or not.

“I found the animal on its side, it was still alive and breathing, but the rear end of it had been eaten.

“I did contemplate putting it out of its misery but I didn’t have a way of doing this so I thought it best to call the police.

” A PC arrived around half an hour after I made the call, I showed him the deer and he took control of the situation.

“After he made a call two armed response vehicles turned up, they went to assess the situation.

“The original officer took my friend and me up a path and out of sight of the deer.

David claims police were then forced to attend the scene and shoot the injured animal dead.

“We heard a shot, the officers then left the animal there, for the foxes, it all goes back into nature.”

A spokesperson for Hampshire police said: “We were called at 8.09am on Thursday 6 May with reports of an incident involving a dog near Titchfield canal, during which a deer became injured.

“Police attended and the deer was dispatched humanely by police to prevent any further unnecessary suffering.

“Officers will be making further enquiries and will be speaking with the dog owner.”