How to carry out a small Government Agency loan simulation

What are small loans Small Social Institute and Government Agency loans are personal loans granted by Social Institute Public Employee Management to pensioners and employees of the public administration. In this article we will review the conditions and service for the simulation of small Government Agency loans. Small loans are loans with which it is […]

Credit repurchase: a solution in the event of default of payment!

In a context of crisis, the risks of difficulties in repaying one or more loans are greater. These kinds of situations can be the result of a number of causes that have increased with the economic crisis. But, once the causes have been identified, there are different solutions to solve the problems of non-payment and […]

Credit and debit card: what are the similarities and differences?

Known under the concept of plastic money, the credit and debit card is a feature of today’s world economy. More and more people have one of these instruments to pay in commerce, whether in Chile or abroad, or in person or for products purchased through the Internet. According to data from the 2016 Financial Inclusion […]

Mortgage loans – how to get financing?

A mortgage loan is a financial product designed for people who are looking for financing in a higher amount and with an extended repayment deadline. The liability is contracted against a free property encumbered by the borrower. As a rule, these are loans with a repayment period of up to several dozen years. The collateral […]

Is it possible to have a loan with part-time job only?

Conventional consumer loans  Many workers today are part-time. A part-time job means that many employees run out of cash at the end of the month. Since often only a small amount of capital can be used freely, many people with part-time jobs resort to loan financing when there are major purchases in the room. Borrowing […]

Credit application. What information is required?

As we said, in order to start the loan process the potential borrower must apply to the bank for the loan. The loan is granted upon application, which must contain a range of information. These messages are needed by the bank to decide whether a loan will be granted to the applicant. In addition, the […]

Home loan – mortgage for house construction

  Building a house requires many ventures, primarily financial ones. The overwhelming majority of investors decide on a mortgage, ie a financial product offered by banks for a specific purpose. The mortgage for the construction of a house is paid out in tranches, and not – as in the case of a mortgage for the […]

Credit for funeral expenses even if you have poor credit ratings

A funeral is expensive. The situation has worsened because the statutory health insurance companies no longer make a contribution. That is why many people provide for and take out death benefit insurance. This also makes sense, because otherwise the relatives would have to pay the funeral costs. But sometimes it can be that the sum […]

Have you heard of home exchange credit?

Have you heard of home exchange credit? If not, don’t back up. This is a little known and little practiced credit modality. However, there are still banking institutions making it available.   How does home exchange credit work? Usually, buying a home represents a long financial commitment due to the volume of credit. Therefore, the […]